Air Gun Silhouette


The Monday night air gun league begins the first Monday after Labor Day and continues thru May to the week before Memorial Day. Actually league is probably too formal a term for this activity.

A more appropriate description would be "an informal gathering of air-gun enthusiasts". All ages are represented and the youngsters are closely supervised. Our youngest shooter so far was 5 and our oldest is 90. This activity includes shooting at metallic silhouettes of chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams at distances of up to 55 feet on our indoor range. Paper and pop-up targets are also used for sighting in and practice. Any type of air rifle or air pistol can be used, but lead pellets are the only projectiles allowed. No BB's or exotic pellets, please. Also since this is an indoor activity and the targets get a lot of use, we ask that the high powered guns not be used to engage the metal targets, but they can be used on paper targets. Eye protection is required and we do have safety glasses available.

This is a family oriented activity, and all are welcome. Most nights, some of the folks are motivated to bring dessert treats which are shared and enjoyed by all. Coffee or soda is also available while awaiting your turn to shoot and visiting with other shooters in our spacious and comfortable club house. All are welcome to participate. Membership in the Highland Pistol and Rifle Club is not required but encouraged. There is a minimal range fee for all, and children under 18 pay a reduced fee.