Old Military Rifle/Pistol

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Old Military Rifle Shoot is intended to be a fun way to exercise your old surplus rifle or its clone. This is position shooting at 100 yards; Standing Slow Fire 10 rounds in 10 minutes, Sitting or Kneeling 10 Rounds Rapid Fire in two 5 round strings, Prone 10 rounds Rapid Fire in two 5 round strings, Prone Slow Fire 10 Rounds in 10 minutes . For those who have difficulty getting in to position do not worry we can accommodate those difficulties in some way. So please bring your Rifles out that are Range Compliant to make a little noise, be safe and have some fun. Pistol Shoot is intended to be an enjoyable way to compete for bragging rights using your old/new/carry or even target pistol. The Match when shot outdoors is at 25 yards; 15 rounds Slow Fire in 10 minutes, 15 rounds Timed Fire in three 5 round strings, 15 rounds Rapid Fire in three 5 round strings. When shot indoors in the winter it is at 50 feet with the same Slow, Timed and Rapid course of fire. So please bring your pistol with appropriate Range Compliant ammunition for either the outdoor or indoor range and enjoy a little friendly competition.