Range Rules

The NRA has established 3 fundamental rules for safe gun handling.

Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

Additionally the following rules have been implemented at the Highland Pistol & Rifle Club to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

1. Only pistols/handguns are allowed on the pistol range.

2. Safety glasses and hearing protection are required to be worn for everyone at all times.

3. No auto fire weapons, bump or slide socks, or binary triggers are permitted that allows rapid fire. No rapid fire will be permitted. Any violators will   be told to leave.

4. Only paper targets are allowed. Steel targets, clay birds etc. are not allowed.

5. Anyone impaired by alcohol or drugs will not be allowed on any range.

6. No food or alcohol are permitted on any range.

7. All targets must be adjusted so that the bullets fired on a range impact the berm directly.

8. Make sure your target is placed where you do not cross fire into another shooter lane.

9. Shotguns on the rifle range can only fire slugs. No exceptions.

10. N0 tracer round or 50 cal. bmg is permitted on any range.

11. All firearms on the firing line must be pointed down range. When not being used, all firearms must be unloaded, bolt removed, breech open & placed in a safe condition.

12. Targets on rifle range may not be placed closer than 25 yards from the firing line.

13. Any spectators must be behind the shooter and off of the concrete. Anyone helping a a shooter (instructor/parent/individual providing firearm safety) must be in a safe position

14. Any shooter under the age of 21 must have adult supervision at all time.

15. Never move on the range with the firearm loaded or closed.

16. No BBs will be permitted on indoor range, all ammo used on indoor range must be inspected by the person working behind the bar. Lead only. No jacketed ammo.

17. When a person calls for a "Cease Fire", put your gun down immediately and make it safe by putting it on the table, action open and empty. No one is permitted in front of the firing line or down range until all guns are made safe and the range is declared safe.

18. If an incident occurs or an unsafe action is taking place a CEASE FIRE will be called and remain in place until the situation has been corrected.

19. Everyone is expected to sweep up their brass, cartridges or shotgun hulls after shooting.

20. Scheduled events have a priority over all range uses.

 21. Prior to calling a cease fire for target maintenance, ensure all shooters agree on the cease fire (including trap houses 1 & 2 if shooters are present). Ensure that all weapons are safe (unloaded, bolt removed or open and OBI or other indicator device inserted in the barrel). The range warning horn & light must be turned on, and only then shooters may proceed down range for maintenance. The warning light will remain on until everyone is back on the firing line and the warning light is turned off!


Failure to abide by the above instructions may result in termination of your range privileges.